WorldBuilding: New World Essentials

Over the past few weeks I've been working on creating a master worldbuilding worksheet. It's taken so long because the list is so extensive - I hope to have it ready for both you and me in the coming weeks, but it occurred to me this morning as I began worldbuilding for a new story … Continue reading WorldBuilding: New World Essentials


Choosing the Best Perspective for Your Story

Something I’ve found myself wrestling with a lot lately is which perspective to write from. I’m not just talking about when I start new pieces either, but some of my long-standing WIPs have fallen into this speculation as well. I find myself wondering, often to the point of not writing, whether or not a story … Continue reading Choosing the Best Perspective for Your Story

WorldBuilding: Writing Brilliant Mythology

Mythology as we know it has a couple of different components. Primarily, mythology conjures scenes gods and goddesses in resplendent elegance or fierce battle. Every society to have ever existed has acknowledged powers greater than themselves: things like light and dark, flood and drought and the changing of the seasons. It’s easy for us today … Continue reading WorldBuilding: Writing Brilliant Mythology

Academy of Villainy: 6 Things It IS Okay For Your Antagonist To Do

A couple of weeks ago I posted 7 Things Your Antagonist Should Never Do, and while thinking and researching for that article I also realized that there’s a long list of things that your antagonist CAN do, cliche or not, under certain circumstances. Writing is such a fluid art that there really aren’t any hard … Continue reading Academy of Villainy: 6 Things It IS Okay For Your Antagonist To Do