A Writer’s Tips and Tricks

We see them all the time, plastered across Google searches and in our magazine subscriptions. Heck, there are probably more of these than there are actual writers out there. Yup, I’m talking about writing related tutorials, tips and tricks articles. The simple truth about searching for tips and tricks is that in reality, you can … Continue reading A Writer’s Tips and Tricks


Writing Prompt from the Mad Chronicler

This morning browsing my reader, I came across a writing prompt over at the Mad Chronicler. I’m such a sucker for prompts, so I spent some time this morning working on a piece of short fiction. I would love to see what else comes from this prompt, so if you take up the challenge, please … Continue reading Writing Prompt from the Mad Chronicler


“I have to explain what’s happened here,” the doctor stuttered quietly. “I have to explain myself.” He glanced at his nurse, whose wide eyes and blotchy complexion offered him no comfort. There was a roaring in my ears and a pain growing in my chest. I watched my beautiful little sister for any twitches of … Continue reading Prism

Academy of Villainy: 6 Things It IS Okay For Your Antagonist To Do

A couple of weeks ago I posted 7 Things Your Antagonist Should Never Do, and while thinking and researching for that article I also realized that there’s a long list of things that your antagonist CAN do, cliche or not, under certain circumstances. Writing is such a fluid art that there really aren’t any hard … Continue reading Academy of Villainy: 6 Things It IS Okay For Your Antagonist To Do