Shouldn’t Have Waited

"Wait for me under the third lamppost," he begged her. "I'll meet you there at midnight and we'll start a new life. Just you and me." He was late, bruised ribs trying to cripple him, but he was there. She just wasn't. The minutes ticked by, etched into his soul like the cuts were on … Continue reading Shouldn’t Have Waited


Something in the Woods (complete)

#instagramstory #shortshort #microfiction No one ever went back that road. There were houses on either end, but it was the places in between people told stories about. They said there was more to that land than strange noises and walking shadows, more than a mere haunting at twilight. There were things in those woods. Even … Continue reading Something in the Woods (complete)


“I have to explain what’s happened here,” the doctor stuttered quietly. “I have to explain myself.” He glanced at his nurse, whose wide eyes and blotchy complexion offered him no comfort. There was a roaring in my ears and a pain growing in my chest. I watched my beautiful little sister for any twitches of … Continue reading Prism