Choosing the Best Perspective for Your Story

Something I’ve found myself wrestling with a lot lately is which perspective to write from. I’m not just talking about when I start new pieces either, but some of my long-standing WIPs have fallen into this speculation as well. I find myself wondering, often to the point of not writing, whether or not a story … Continue reading Choosing the Best Perspective for Your Story


Write Bravely

I found this on Pinterest while searching for content for my writing board. My normal rhythm is to skim large amounts of content, pin or heart what catches my attention depending on how the content needs to be evaluated and move on. That's what happened here. Except, there was a little spark of intrigue that … Continue reading Write Bravely

6 Ways Tabletop Gaming Can Help Improve Your Writing

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of Pathfinder. I’ve been on both sides of the table, and enjoyed some really well thought out adventure paths and one-shots from a number of different perspectives. Regardless of the story progression or where my character stands though, almost every session shares one commonality: I walk … Continue reading 6 Ways Tabletop Gaming Can Help Improve Your Writing

Why Every Writer Should Write Microfiction

One of my personal favorite types of stories to write is microfiction. Not only are the little buggers challenging to construct, an excellent substitute for free writing and decent stress relief, they’re also lots of fun, especially when several writers are working off the same prompt. Despite not having a universally established word count, you’ve … Continue reading Why Every Writer Should Write Microfiction

WorldBuilding: Writing Brilliant Mythology

Mythology as we know it has a couple of different components. Primarily, mythology conjures scenes gods and goddesses in resplendent elegance or fierce battle. Every society to have ever existed has acknowledged powers greater than themselves: things like light and dark, flood and drought and the changing of the seasons. It’s easy for us today … Continue reading WorldBuilding: Writing Brilliant Mythology