What Do You Want?

One of the more challenging things I’ve dealt with since losing my daughter has been maintaining motivation. Motivation to get up in the morning, to be productive, to be worthy of the love and dedication my husband gives to me every single day. It’s a continual struggle that requires constant vigilance. I have to be … Continue reading What Do You Want?


A Small Step on a Long Road

We don’t really celebrate Easter like a lot of our family and friends. I’m sure I participated in Easter egg hunts as a kid, but none are memorable enough to come to mind. In my early 20s I enjoyed poking fun at Christians in my social circle by reminding them that their resurrection holiday is … Continue reading A Small Step on a Long Road

Mothering Through the Darkness of Life After Baby

The following piece was supposed to be submitted to an anthology that will be titled “Mothering Through the Darkness.” The stories it will contain when it comes out will center around mental disorders during and after giving birth and especially postpartum depression. This was difficult for me to write, and despite sitting down to work … Continue reading Mothering Through the Darkness of Life After Baby