Unfinished Nursery

Her nursery is unfinished. It’s been this way for quite a while.  I can’t bring myself to change it because it is supposed to be so different now. And if I cannot have what it was supposed to be, I don’t want it to be anything else. Her nursery is bare. The hardwood floor is … Continue reading Unfinished Nursery



Anyone who has checked out in Invisible Ink recently will quickly discover that I am a baby loss mother. We passed what would have been my daughter’s first birthday recently, and like anyone grieving can tell you, it’s hard. You’re living in this constant duality: the you who functions (albeit differently than before) and the … Continue reading Daisies

Mothering Through the Darkness of Life After Baby

The following piece was supposed to be submitted to an anthology that will be titled “Mothering Through the Darkness.” The stories it will contain when it comes out will center around mental disorders during and after giving birth and especially postpartum depression. This was difficult for me to write, and despite sitting down to work … Continue reading Mothering Through the Darkness of Life After Baby