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Thank you for considering me for your writing and editing needs! I specialize in helping others transform their concepts and ideas into solidly written pieces. The novel you know is hidden somewhere in all those pages, that letter you’re not quite sure how to word, the flier you want to get out for your business — these can be struggles you need not worry about anymore! Whether you need to start from scratch or just want an extra set of eyes, I can walk you through the writing process.

Don’t let yourself be written in invisible ink! Email me at 5cd20ab85449a54636ac6ffbd3e76739storyteller010@gmail.com to get started!


What other writers have to say:

Whitney Carter is my hero! I haven’t been inspired to write much lately, but her blog Invisible Ink has helped reignite the spark. If you like to write, especially if you like to write fantasy, I encourage you to check it out. –Dawn Ross, author of The Raven’s Fire

Invisible Ink has some great topics about world building and research. –The Writer’s Codex blog

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