WorldBuilding: Naming Techniques and Philosophies

Last week at my Saturday writer’s group, we had a discussion about character names. One of our people is taking her first crack at fantasy, and one of the questions I had for her was whether or not she intended to change the plain Jane names she was using in her drafts. She was, she … Continue reading WorldBuilding: Naming Techniques and Philosophies


The Things We Leave Behind

The things we leave behind — buildings, people, experiences — rarely disappear altogether. When we look back, we find ruins. Remnants. Echoes. A run-down building; a mannerism you’ve inherited from a person no longer in your life. This week, create a post about something you’ve left behind. What is your existence like without it? What is its existence … Continue reading The Things We Leave Behind

WorldBuilding: How to Write a Fictional Royal Court

Lemme tell you guys… this one was a doozy to write. Several weeks ago I was doing some worldbuilding and setting development for my WIP trilogy, when it dawned on me that I hadn’t spent much time developing the secondary characters that are going to be around my main protagonist. She’s a young royal, ascending … Continue reading WorldBuilding: How to Write a Fictional Royal Court