A Small Step on a Long Road

We don’t really celebrate Easter like a lot of our family and friends. I’m sure I participated in Easter egg hunts as a kid, but none are memorable enough to come to mind. In my early 20s I enjoyed poking fun at Christians in my social circle by reminding them that their resurrection holiday is … Continue reading A Small Step on a Long Road



I recently started following Humans of New York on Facebook, and even though it’s been a relatively short length of time, reading pieces of other people’s lives has been an enlightening and very human experience. We like to tell ourselves that we’re aware that there are people out there who are vastly different from ourselves, … Continue reading Self-Evaluation


When we moved into our house over a year ago, we found something interesting in the basement. Painted in faded white on one of the bare, concrete walls was a name: Tanya. My husband joked we had a ghost, and periodically throughout the following months his explanation for some things was, "It was Tanya!" Of … Continue reading Tanya