April’s New Year

This year is getting away from me, and somehow despite that I’m always keenly aware of April. My year does not run January to December, it runs April to April – the closing and beginning of new cycles. There are days quickly approaching that I count down to all year, caught in pointless thoughts and memories that I couldn’t let go of even if I wanted to. 

There’s already so much about to happen in the next 30 days, and here I am adding more. But this is my year. That’s something I’ve been promising myself since 12:01am January 1st. 2014 I was broken. 2015 I was a little less broken. 2016 I recovered. 2017 is where I’m going to discover a new me.

So here’s to the new year, still rotating around the days that have shaped me the most – the ones that happened to me and the ones that I make happen.
Let’s write. ❤


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