Write Bravely


I found this on Pinterest while searching for content for my writing board. My normal rhythm is to skim large amounts of content, pin or heart what catches my attention depending on how the content needs to be evaluated and move on.

That’s what happened here. Except, there was a little spark of intrigue that brought me back later to read it again. Really read it. Whether or not you write well, write bravely. Write bravely.

The more I mulled over the words, the more I realized the sentiment spoke to me, and the more inspired I became.

Writing well is subjective. What you and I consider excellent writing might be different. Where we find ourselves, and others, on this beautiful path is likely to be different. There’s no judging in such a unique understanding; there’s only simple acceptance.

But bravely written stories? Stories that take endless hours, soul-wrenching agony, perseverance, blood, sweat and tears to write? Stories that spill our hearts out on the page and transform readers into people they never knew they could be? That kind of writing is worthy of admiration, no matter its caliber.

So write bravely, my friends.


3 thoughts on “Write Bravely

  1. Very inspirational. It’s perfect for those times when I feel my writing is inadequate. And it will be perfect for those times when I finally get my book published and possibly receive a bad review. Not everyone has to like my writing for it to be good!

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