Alpha Female Teaser

Alpha Female teaser

Dei Caylist has come home following the death of her little sister and finds herself bombarded with everything she’d abandoned years ago: grief, bloody memories and her remaining packmates desperate to keep their lives and their home. Two years ago, following the unexplained murder of her mother, Dei’s lack of leadership resulted in the deaths of three more wolves, including her younger brother Evander, and the combination of so much loss and guilt was enough to drive her from her pack and her inherited responsibilities. Now three years later, the fragmented remains of the Riverstone Clan is facing the dire threat of an encroaching superpack, lead by alpha Eli Jackson, who’s about to come calling and remind Dei that she’s walked straight into a deteriorating and desperate situation.

Kaden Jackson has come home too, but to a family that can barely be troubled to remember he exists. He wouldn’t be back at all if it weren’t for the body he found two days ago just off the forest preserve where he works – the body of an adult shifter who belongs to Jackson’s superpack. He’d been killed mid-shift and the bloody half-man, half-wolf carcass had been strung up in the trees, clearly intended for someone’s viewing pleasure. Unwilling to let the murder stand, Kaden has decided to address it in person with his most hated enemy. It’s a bonus that he seems to have stepped in the middle of a turf war between two alphas that will allow him to sabotage his father and take another crack at seducing the one that got away.  

There’s just two problems. Kaden has no idea the schemes he’s stomping all over, and Dei’s not a beta to be easily manipulated. She’s an alpha.


My pattern for writing is kind of chaotic. I start out as a pantseater – someone who flies by the seat of their pants – but usually about halfway through I realize that I would like to have a plot outline, and sitting down to do just that usually renders what I’ve written so far as trash. At which point, I enter a frantic tailspin to save as much as I can while still constructing the new version of the story. Both this teaser and the synopsis are both direct results of that scrambling. This time around though I’ve worked really hard on an outline, eliminating story problems and continuity issues in the plotting stage instead of during the first draft. So here’s to moving forward, for myself and every other writer out there banging at a keyboard. I can do this. And so can you. ❤


2 thoughts on “Alpha Female Teaser

  1. This is really good, especially if you just wrote it by the seat of your pants. I can’t write that way. I have to have structure. Sometimes, however, I get too caught up in the structure. Your recommendation for me to try NaNo really helped me overcome that issue.

    • I’m really glad that nano worked so well for you, Dawn 😀 Especially because I worried about bothering you with the recommendation. As always though, thank you for reading and for the feedback. 🙂

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