“I have to explain what’s happened here,” the doctor stuttered quietly. “I have to explain myself.” He glanced at his nurse, whose wide eyes and blotchy complexion offered him no comfort.

There was a roaring in my ears and a pain growing in my chest. I watched my beautiful little sister for any twitches of movement, any slight sigh of breath. Her lips were blue, the blood splattered grotesquely against flesh gone almost white. Her eyes were closed, her hands open loosely. They say people look peaceful right after they die, that it’s like they never suffered at all. But they’re wrong.

“W-we used medical supplies not sanctioned by the – ”

My fist clenched around the gun as the pain snapped into rage. Carelessly, I raised my arm and pulled the trigger. The nurse’s hands flew up and she screamed. I pulled the trigger again. The stench of blood and guts and piss filled the air as their bodies slumped against opposite walls. A red emergency light began flashing in the open doorway.

She was all that I had had. My last living family, and Trig had gotten her. I bent down and kissed her forehead, touching her hair for the last time. I left her there, trusting in someone else’s goodness to see her body cleaned and buried in the way I could not. I stashed my pistol in its holster and stepped over broken glass vials and tubes. There were men running in my direction now, their heavy boots echoing against the tiled floor and walls. I headed for the operating room’s back door.

“Don’t worry, Ladybug,” I breathed. “I’m going to burn his fucking world to the ground.”


This is a piece of stand-alone microfiction that I hope you enjoyed. I always appreciate feedback of any kind, and hope to post more soon. If you have a piece you’d like read and reviewed in return, please post a link in the comments. Peace guys ❤


2 thoughts on “Prism

  1. Very emotional. I felt it. It’s what I’d want to do, not would do, if something similar happened to me. My only critique: I seriously doubt the doctor would admit he made a mistake. Most likely he’d let the nurse handle it, then go off and try to cover his ass and call his lawyer.

    • Thanks Dawn! 🙂 I always appreciate feedback. When I wrote in the doctor’s part, I was less intending him to have made a mistake and more him already thinking about covering his butt, having used supplies that weren’t sanctioned for use in a post-apocalyptic world. But our comment tells me I might need to reword the piece so my intent is clear.

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