Review: Wild Ozark Nature Journal: Autumn 2015

27834067Today I wanted to post a review for a newly released book, written and illustrated by one of my oldest and dearest blogging friends, Madison Woods. Madison and I were both fairly active on each others’ blogs ages ago, before one of the times when I vanished for a while. I’ve always admired her writing and continuous commitment to the things she loves though. Check out her blog here and her Goodreads here. You can find her book Wild Ozark Nature Journal: Autumn 2015 here.


Wild Ozark Nature Journal: Autumn 2015

5 stars

I’ve kept journals most of my life, though usually in the form of dream journals, a typical teenager’s diary or a log of my writing and projects as a freelancer. It had been a while since I contemplated a nature journal. Like some of the other reviewers I’ve seen have said, this beautifully illustrated short book is an inspiration to reconnect with the natural world.

Although Ms. Woods downplays her artistic abilities in the first pages, I found her draws to be charming and colorful. The fact that they’re not perfect gives the feel of “no pressure, draw what you can and don’t be too hard on yourself” which is its own kind of encouragement. My favorite drawing is the sycamore leaf from 9-23-15.

There’s something soothing about reading through the pages. Although I read this on a tablet, I appreciated the hand-written interior as well as the drawings. Each one has character, and coupled with each entry, created a space of calm and contemplation that I enjoyed being in.

If you decide to check out Madison’s book, let her or me know! Authors love feedback. 😀


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