On Fan Fictions

Over the past weekend I happened to be reminded of the existence of some of my early short story and novella writing attempts. As I poked around my profiles on FanFiction.net and Fictionpress.com two things were apparent: I’ve improved drastically in my writing ability and style, and… who writes fanfics anymore?

Okay, okay, clearly it’s more a rhetorical question than anything. Of course there are still dozens of fanfics being written every day, and with the um…*cringes* I can’t say “success” but, um… how about curiosity around 50 Shades, it’s clear that even something based on someone else’s ideas and structure can have real world merit in its potential for marketing and making money. But that lovely little series notwithstanding, it’s largely teenagers and avid fans writing fanfics, right?

So I want to know… what do you guys think of fanfics? Did you write them as a teen? Are you still writing them?


5 thoughts on “On Fan Fictions

  1. I’ve never written fanfiction and never wanted to. I never really understood why people wanted to use others’ characters and worlds when they could just say “screw the rules” and create their own.

  2. When you were reading mine, you probably noticed it sounded a lot like Star Trek. In fact, it is what I imagined when I thought of the story. But I’ve tried to make it my own. I’m realizing I need to try harder to make it unique.

  3. Anyone passionate and with something that is exploding to be written knows no age limit!!! Long live the fan fiction writers!!! Forever an interesting lot of people that add to the adventure, the romance, the thrills, the chills, and sci Fi!

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