Mission Failure

Ages ago, I loved writing microfiction and its much shorter cousins, 100 word stories and 2 sentence stories. This kind of precision writing is easily swept away amid the novels and novellas we always have in the world, but I’ve just re-discovered the love. 😀 What micro-story can you come up with?


“I need to speak to a human,” he demanded.

Mission Failure

“I need to talk to a human,” he demanded, shoving rudely past the androids moving sedately about their pre-programed business. He rounded the corner, pressing his back to the old red brick building, a relic from a bygone era, and tried to control his breathing. He pressed a hand to his ribs.

“May I have your authorization code?” the perfect female voice asked. He gave it to her, blinking the rain from his eyes, and waited, breathing in the city’s stench.

Then, “Why the fuck are you breaking protocol?”

He looked at his hand. It was red. “They’ve got it.”


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