20150318_145508When we moved into our house over a year ago, we found something interesting in the basement. Painted in faded white on one of the bare, concrete walls was a name: Tanya.

My husband joked we had a ghost, and periodically throughout the following months his explanation for some things was, “It was Tanya!” Of course, I have yet to detect any supernatural vibes anywhere in the house or yard, and the most logical explanation is that Tanya was one of the grandchildren of the elderly woman who lived here before us.

But every time I’ve take the laundry downstairs or gone to clean out the litter boxes, I’ve seen her name there. And I wonder who she is, or who she was. I wonder how her name came to be written on that wall, and wonder what the next owners might think if I wrote Eevee’s name up there too. Is that girl’s name written on stone so no one would forget her? Was it an indulgence of a doting grandparent, a loved one just lost, or simply someone testing the color of paint?


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