Excerpt from Leopard

I wasn’t intending to post anything today, but this morning I woke up with such a burst of creative energy that I went to work on an old story I haven’t touched in years. The working title is just “Leopard” right now, and the new plot and re-vamped characters are awesome! I was so pleased with this morning’s marathon session that I thought I’d share a bit with you guys. Please let me know your thoughts, before it’s too late to change things. 😉


“Boss,” the radio blurted with static, “I’ve got two men on the approach to Diona. Want us to intercept?”

Damien made a face close to grimace, forgoing the sip of scotch he’d been about to take, tossing the glass back onto the table. Alex giggled in his ear, her hands still moving across his chest under his coat. He reached for the radio, turning slightly to look down from his perch at the nightclub below.

He found Diona immediately through the glass walls. She was such a creature of habit, melting into the shadows of the disco and spot lights in to the same placed every night, tossing that keep-away vibe around her. Tonight she was at the bar, her back carefully angled into the corner where the bar met the wall, a glass in her hand. She knew the two men were approaching her as well, and he could just see the sheen of ice she was donning in preparation.

“Leave her alone boys,” he chucked into the radio. “Diona ain’t interested in anything with a dick.” He discarded the radio for his scotch, threw his head back to down the rest of the amber liquid, and tossed the glass to its shattering across the room. He grabbed Alex’s ass with both hands, making her squeal, her drunken laughter balm to the wound that was his life. He buried his face in her breasts, and never noticed that the party girl had sobered for just a second as her eyes fixed on her sister in the bar below. Alex recognized one of those two men.


Diona watched Jack and Liam approach from across the room. She was careful to keep an eye on Damien in his heaven-box, as well as her two bodyguards. I have enemies my dears, Damien had told her and Alex years ago, and they wouldn’t think twice about hurting either of my little angels. Diona had snorted because she knew better. Neither of her bodyguards listened to her. They were there to guard Damien’s property. If they had lived in some time long past, they’d be eunuchs.

Damien was distracted with her sister tonight, like he was most nights they spent in the club. It didn’t help that Alex’s hormones were wildly out of control with her heat cycle in full swing. Alex had never had a firm grasp on the world around her, and watching their former guardian rub his hands along her, bite her tank top and pull until her breasts were almost exposed, filled Diona with as much rage as ever. But tonight she intended to put his distracting obsession to good use.

Jack looked a lot like his younger brother, but he seemed sturdier, like a mountain braced against strong gales. He was bigger, shoulders wider, and a couple of inches taller. Both brothers were graced with jet black hair, but where Liam kept his cropped short, Jack’s was long, curling into half circles around his ears and halfway down his neck. Diona’s pulse began to race as she caught the scent of him, masculine and clean with the faintest touch of pine and creek water. He’d been out for a run recently, she decided, then bit her lip to bring herself back to the real world. She couldn’t let her hormones get the better of her. Not yet.

“Diona,” Liam greeted her with a smile, playing the same part he had yesterday—his natural role of the seducing rogue. “This is my brother Jack. Just tell him what you told me.”

When Jack turned those dark eyes on her, her knees went kind of soft. In the poor light, she couldn’t tell if they were black or dark brown, but they were deep and piercing. His gaze moved down her body, tingling like an actual caress, and she was glad tonight she’d chosen one of her little black dresses. The animal in her made a noise that was half growl and half purr, and she couldn’t stop the pheromones that leaked through her skin that screamed notice me, be attracted to me, fuck me. Both men were instantly aware of her in much more physical way, but it was Jack who responded first, shifting his weight so that he stood close enough to brush her arm.

His touch sent a jolt through her, crashing her back to earth roughly. She took a half step away from him, conscious again of the watchful eyes on her, on them. She couldn’t have the bodyguards escorting them out before she had a chance to talk.

“See the man upstairs behind the glass walls, at your eight o’clock?” she asked Jack. His left eyebrow twitched when she told him eight o’clock, and she wondered if he was only used to the simpering princess-in-distress type of woman. “His name is Damien. He thinks he owns me and my sister.”

Jack turned those dark eyes back on her, “Owns?” She loved his voice, as deep and caressing as his eyes.

“Owns,” she said again, clearing her throat, “Five years ago, our parents were killed in a car crash, or at least that’s what we were told.”

“But that’s not what you think happened,” Jack was quick to catch on.


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