Writing for the sake of writing… Wait, what?

To feel some supposed rush when you master that paragraph, that page…to give voice to the dozens of personalities floating around in your head…to write for the sake of writing…

Who would do that? No, seriously. Who would do that? Writing hurts. It causes physical pain and mental anguish and is an eternal source of frustration for those who find themselves afflicted with the need to write. Ask anyone who has ever stared with hatred at a blank piece of paper, or struggled with the perfect word or phrasing, or gotten a rejection letter. Writing can really suck.

And yet, here we are… Still writing. Does that make us fools, to continue in an endeavor that causes harm, or devoted, for fighting the good fight? Most days, I think I’m a fool, but I still drag myself to my laptop at least once a day and answer the challenge of the keyboard.

Limping my way through the last week of NaNo, I really want to know why I write. So I sit here, and contemplate and puzzle, and you know what? I don’t have an answer. It’s just something that I do. Which sounds suspiciously like something a fool would say.


5 thoughts on “Writing for the sake of writing… Wait, what?

  1. we write not just cause life is messed up and we don’t have pple to share it with..we write…coz we enjoy to share our thoughts wid pple…we write…to express ourselves….we write to show concern….
    probably why u write is coz all u think is a like a fool….
    change ur perspective…..else…stop goin to ur keyboard…as its only bringing out the fool in you….


  2. I suppose I would be a combination of “To tell the stories that bounce around in my head” and “To impact myself.” I find it interesting that no one voted “To make money” or “I want to be the next Tolkien.”

  3. Dear Whitney,

    There are some things i want to say and no one else is saying them. The oceans of the world are being slowly poisoned and all life in them destroyed by you and I. Long before this happens humans will have been reduced to living in bomb resistant enclaves and tiny self sustaining colonies struggling to survive in the ecological desert we created. The seas will recover, but we have no right to be the author of the sixth great world extinction just because we can do it.

    “the Tiger in the night is more important than the villagers cowering behind their walls.” D.T. Rhysing.

    I write to assuage my guilt.



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