Strange Tracks


Here is this week’s photo prompt for Flash Fiction Friday. I’m again a day late, but I enjoy these prompts so much that I’m posting anyway, and as always, I’m encouraging others to join in, even during NaNo. Trying to keep a story around 100 words is quiet the challenge, but it makes you evaluate each word carefully. Over time, practice with word choice can help make your writing stronger overall. As always, feedback is most welcome, and I enjoy reading others’ work, so post links!

His lungs were burning, but that wasn’t why he had stopped. His feet had been moving so quickly it was a wonder he had seen it at all; his brothers hadn’t. He slowed instantly, light on his feet, and toes the precise line in the icy snow, following it with his disbelieving eyes. There were two of them, about an arm’s length apart, and where they went, the branches and underbrush had been crushed away. He whistled and his two brothers caught themselves up short, turning about to return to him. When their gazes fell upon the strange tracks, their gazes reflected his confusion. Artis transferred his bow to his left hand and bent, tentatively touching the track, as if it might burn him. Lecon turned to take in the path as far as his eyes could see, the wooden beads in his hair  making soft sounds. Then, they glanced at each other, and silently were in agreement. They changed their course, cautiously following the two straight lines.


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